Pros cons meeting people through online dating sites

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Sure, it's important to share passions and beliefs with your partner, but don't overlook the value (and excitement) of meeting someone who has some offbeat interests or comes from a different background.

Tufvesson presents this analogy: "If you drive a BMW and you've driven a BMW since you've had a license, I might say 'I know you like the BMW, but Mercedes has a great new version. '" After all, if you keep seeking out men or women who fit a certain profile without success, why not branch out?

Tufvesson insists that she's not completely against more modern methods of seeking out romance but says that if you're looking for a real, genuine love, a steady diet of dating apps and websites can often sideline your relationship goals.

Here's why: One fatal flaw with online dating, says Tufvesson, is that it focuses on matching people based on things they have in common.

Jack and Sally meet after many years of being single.

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