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If prompted, Tarantino will launch into soliloquies on topics ranging from the brilliance of five times at the movie theater and it only played for a fucking week, all right? My theory is that when it comes to important subjects, there’s only two ways a person can answer. Tarantino’s is a cool, cold movie world, so it’s a (pleasant) surprise when he doesn’t turn out to be a hepcat in a black suit and shades.For instance, there’s two kinds of people in the world, Elvis people and Beatles people. Sitting on the set of he is dressed in baggy corduroys, a T-shirt, and a scruffy suede baseball jacket.

Quite simply, he is in love with movies—they are not only what he does but, to a great extent, what he is.”). The list of Tarantino’s 10 favorite movies changes all the time, but three remain constant: which just won the Palme d’Or at Cannes, is an anthology movie. This date between Mia and Vincent, for instance, ends in a near death by heroin overdose.

There are so many scenes, characters, plots, MOVIES coursing through Tarantino’s brain at any given moment that he has had to invent a structure. But in both cases there’s a twist: Tarantino’s scripts have a way of reworking the classic genres. First question, all the way, though I always dug how Jeannie always called Larry Hagman, “Master! MIA: Have you ever fantasized about being beaten up by a girl? Yet the violence functions in the same manner as the dialogue—it’s another way to establish character, to create a world. It’s not just a style thing.”It is, instead, a movie thing.

“I love saying I love you, it's so much easier to say in English, so much easier than Je t'aime,” spouts Mélanie Laurent.

It's Valentine's Day, the day after her latest film, Night Train to Lisbon, has unveiled at the Berlin Film Festival, and I find myself in a hotel room with the blonde 30-year-old actress and there is talk of love.

The movie opens with writer Kenneth (Desi Arnaz Jr.) meeting with Sam, his publisher (Richard Todd).

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