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Do you have a t-shirt collection from rock concerts, auto shows, or marathons that you'd like made into a quilt?Memory quilts can include photos, t-shirts, sports uniforms, etc.

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Jewish history shows that it was a symbol of fertility.

Women also began studying botany at this time, which often led to an increased interest in recreating plants and flowers through their paintings, drawing and quilts." You can find the pattern on her site, Hoopla You may have seen lovely appliqued antique quilts in red and dull tan or a yuck faded yellow green.

Quilting may have reached its apogee in the glorious appliqued quilts of 19 century Baltimore, but it was practiced nearly two thousand years earlier.

Quilted garments padded Crusader mail, quilted linens adorned Renaissance bedchambers, and quilted Evangelists were treasured at 15 century monasteries (Colby).

For more information, please see the copyright page. The embroidery/appliqu was completed by Cottonwood Creations. Children's Clothing Quilt My client sent me a box of her daughter's clothes to incorporate into a quilt.

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