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Actors Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have been dating since 2007, and have an adorable daughter Briar Rose together. Rachel just shared something via social that got fans talking!Rachel posted the photo below along with the caption, "Countdown #brotherswedding always a bridesmaid.....😉" Hmm - what's the winky face for???

However, they ended their engagement in 2010, before resuming their relationship a few months later.

She also touted her girlfriend skills, saying: 'I'm a really good girlfriend - I always put all that first in my life.

"Finally, by the end of episode 3, they will have come around and there will be a major resolution as to what's going to happen between them and their child."We might be getting ahead of ourselves but...cross your fingers for a Zade wedding, people!

While this Zade baby is surely going to bring us a ton of amazing Zoe/Wade scenes all season long as they figure out how they're going to be parents together, it could not have come at a worse time, since both Wade and Zoe were ready to take their friendship back up to the next level.

fan's mind was: how is the CW's southern rom-com going to handle its star's real-life growing baby bump?

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