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Exercise Number: 2R6 Pen Pals A letter from one friend to another.

Exercise Number: 2R7 Eating Out Four people talk about the last time they went out to eat.

But whenever I take ielts exam I stuck in reading section due to lose my temper to find an answer while the correct answer come and go in front of my eyes. Hello majdoubi, The best thing would be to take a class, but if that's not possible there are several things you can do.

My tip for the reading test is: look at the picture and the title to give you a general idea of the topic, and then look at the questions. If it’s too difficult for you, go on to the next question and come back if you have time. Hello Mark, I took an ielts exam 3 times and never goes up from band score 6.0 I have been studying English since 2000.

In this article, I describe the techniques I have found most useful; I hope other teachers working with beginning readers will find them helpful.

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