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Inevitably such records tend to derive initially from the landed classes. Captain John Barret, an officer in Fleetwood’s regiment, sold the land he had bought to Sir George Rawdon, Captain Magill, William Leslie and William Waring. The area was then planted with colonists from southwest Scotland and the north of England, many of whom were Church of Ireland, resulting in the large proportion of this denomination in the diocese of Dromore and its immediate surrounding area. Plts pray that writs of subpoena be directed to s'd John M to assess did he not execute s'd bond, and to s'd Ceseria M that she may view s'd bond now in the hands of Patk Cassidy, Plts attorney, and did not she and the s'd Rodger M sign as witnesses thereto.

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It provided legal proof of ownership and a record of any conveyance or transfer. Since most soldiers had no desire to become colonists, their officers saw an opportunity for the easy acquisition of large estates. Thereupon Plts filed this declaration in s'd court against s'd John Montgomery and paid their venue in Dublin, to which s'd John M pleaded "non est factum" and alleges he did not execute s'd bond.

1707 6 Anne, C.2: An Act for the Public Registering of all Deeds Conveyances and Wills that shall be made of any Honors Manors Lands Tenements or Hereditaments 1721, 8 Geo. 15: An Act for explaining and amending two several Acts in Relation to that Publick Registering of all Deeds Conveyances and Wills (Edith Mary Johnston-Liik, History of the Irish Parliament, 1692-1800) The anti-papal bias of the time is evident in the preamble: ‘For securing purchasers, preventing forgeries and fraudulent gifts and conveyances of lands, tenements and hereditaments, which have been frequently practised in this kingdom, especially by Papists, to the great prejudice of the Protestant interest thereof, and for settling and establishing a certain method, with proper rules and directions, for registering a memorial of all deeds and conveyances.’ Many deeds relate to land transactions - sales, leases, mortgages and also marriage settlements and wills. They bought up the men’s grants and established themselves as landlords while the soldiers returned to England. Plts gave notice to bring the dispute to a trial on 16th of the next Feb, and cited s'd Ceseria to appear as a witness, but she refused to appear having been prevented by s'd John Montgomery.

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