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Tom Sturridge is an actor who’s so far been better known for his relationships with his fiancée, Sienna Miller, and his best friend, Robert Pattinson, than for his own acting CV, but that could all change this week with two high-profile projects.

He’s starring in a new film version of Thomas Hardy’s classic, .

“In fact, I thought I almost grabbed John’s crotch at one point today.”, in which Sturridge plays wayward youngster Bobby, the assistant to John Goodman’s small-time criminal character Don Dubrow. In the scene we’re discussing, Sturridge stands opposite Goodman at the very front of the stage, physically hunched over, hands twisted inward.

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Keep in mind, Rob and Kristen never showed any PDA in their relationship at all, even though they dated for over three years.

Yes, you could argue that the public obsession with them was at fever pitch and they didn’t want to fuel the fire, but still – a relationship is a relationship, and Rob seems.. More like, he wants everyone to know that he has a badass non-mopey, non-lip biting rocker girlfriend.

It’s a movement that makes you do a mental double-take, not least because it doesn’t fit with the paternal image that Don shows towards Bobby.“Maybe it’s a thing I have... I’m sensing this is a weird perversity you’ve seen in me, which I like.“To be honest I am still trying to work out what his physicality is...

you suddenly realise something you’ve been doing for six weeks makes no sense and you have to completely reconstruct what your idea of the character is, which is exciting because it means when you go on that night you’re terrified, which normally means somewhere it’s right. ”Even if he did something totally radical, you get the sense Lewis and Goodman in all their consummate brilliance would take it in their stride and make it work.

Considering that Rob’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart is also good friends with Tom and Sienna, I imagine this has turned into a very complicated pentagon of messy relationships.

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