Rules for dating a salesman Chat to kinky girls

With their cold calling expertise, these guys are not afraid to pick up the phone, dial a random number, and ask a girl out.Not sure if this stranger on the other end of the line is a person you want to go on a date with? He'll convince you he is just the person you've been looking for. Every time you say no to a date, a salesman hears "YES!

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Most importantly, you’ll be able to figure out if you are talking to the person who can actually make the decision.

If you aren’t sure how to qualify people, all you have to do is ask them simple questions such as: . When a potential customer makes a request, you naturally want to say “yes”.

Tell the same story to a salesman and he hears, "YES!

I do want to go on another date, but I'm just a little unwilling to commit and need you to help me figure out why I should say yes!

If what a customer wants is profitable to you and you can deliver, say yes. By setting this precedent early on, you’ll have more happy customers.

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