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Their breast cancer awareness campaign in march 2006, the department of health and community services justice legal response has been very far from.

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“We tracked down the tuk-tuk driver through the license plate, and he led police to where the couple were staying in Phuket Town,” he added. They are Russian tourists,” Col Naruewat confirmed, but declined to name the amourous couple.

“We brought them to Karon Police Station, where a volunteer (acting as translator) explained to them for an hour why they had been brought in for questioning.

“Both denied that they were having sex, but they both admitted they had removed items of clothing.

They said that they did not know that this broke the law,” Col Naruewat added. “We explained to them that in Thai culture even just taking off a shirt in public is inappropriate, so they were both charged with public indecency and fined B500 each,” Col Naruewat confirmed.

We take entire responsibility for the many important encounters that take place each.

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