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Journal #2 is a mysterious journal written by Stanford Pines and temporarily owned by Gideon Gleeful and later Stanley Pines.

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However, I do not wish to change that anytime soon, and I would like to say that if you do not like the way I write or portray characters, then simply do not read my fics.

: DYou should know, or probably have already noticed, that I tend to write characters very OOC (Including Sasori).

Using it to enlighten himself on the paranormal activities of his town and locate the Mystic Amulet, which he exploited as part of his child psychic act for his tourist trap, the Tent of Telepathy.

Driven by a hunger for ultimate power, Gideon sought what he believed to be the only remaining book, Journal 1, and unite them to unleash a gateway of unimaginable power.

He often argued with his mother about letting him get a job. It was similar to a tackle, because they both ended up on the ground, Sasori on top of the albino. Konan had screamed and the blond had stood up in his seat, astonished. The school isn't too happy with me because of this."Sasori sat at the table, head resting in his arms. At the time it happened, Sasori didn't even think about how it would affect anybody else. He just never knew when to shut the fuck up."Sasori, are you even listening to me? Of course he was listening, but that didn't mean he had to answer. Perhaps he could get with Deidara…"Alright, Sasori, make sure you turn the stove off when you're done cooking. Sasori sighed and looked at the money on the counter. As he held the phone to his ear, he began to pull out entertainment to keep them busy. Immediately after taking a sip, he tasted a lingering musky taste around the rim of his top. Deidara looked up at Sasori with his two big blue eyes and waited. He felt the hand that was once on his ribs, trail up to his face and gently cup it. The blond felt pressure lift from his body and all his energy drain. "It wouldn't be fair if I was the only one relieved," the blond explained."You don't have to if you're too tired, brat."The blond shook his head and wrapped his arms around the redhead's neck. You deserve something in return, un," he said pulling Sasori down on top of him. "Sasori felt heat rise to his cheeks and began to kick off his sweats and boxers. " he asked before taking one finger into his mouth at a time."I just didn't think you'd wanna go through with it," Sasori stated honestly. All giggly and shit."Deidara rolled his eyes and spat out the fingers when he was done with them. " Sasori asked grabbing Deidara's hips to meet his.

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