Sedating cat to get to vet

Milk-sourced alpha-casozepine is known to promote relaxation in babies, and it works in a similar way for your pet, giving him a sense of comfort and contentment to help him cope with stress or adapt to new situations.

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” is a phrase I often find myself resorting to when owners refuse to take home the Elizabethan collar.

Known in vet circles as the “E-collar,” and among in-the-know pet people as “the cone,” the device is undeniably a menace to petdom and a source of stress for caring parents and veterinarians the world around.

Ask next door if its their cat, put an add in the local newspaper, local shop or lamppost's along your street.

Ask around first BEFORE deciding to trap, if it is someone's cat, That said we do sell a lot of cat traps to public authorities, MOD, cats protection, T. R & private individuals in this country and throughout Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany & beyond.

The reality is, however, that nothing works as well as the dreaded cone, but here are some options that your vet may consider.

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