Seriel number dating hi point 9mm

Upon loading the 9mm for the first few times I found the magazine to be somewhat stiff and acting as if it didn't want to take rounds..

after a full box of 50 this problem was starting to subside..

Seriel number dating hi point 9mm

It has a lanyard ring, arched mainspring housing and checkered wood grips with no Llama medallion.

The serial number is 1471xx which would put it around 2000 after yours. It did not come with a box so I have no idea how it was classified when it originally sold.

This gun is not in the same class as a Glock or Smith but it's not made to be.

it's an affordable, entry class gun for those of us who need a good dependable weapon but can't afford that Glock or Smith. I call them my Klingon guns for their rugged good looks.

Hi-Point Firearms, also known as Strassell's Machine, Inc (distributed by MKS Supply), is an American firearms manufacturer based in Mansfield, Ohio.

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