Sex and the city quotes about dating and relationships

Others were as simple as 'Hello, lover' but still made for interesting conversation starters.

Hsieh's experiment began when she started struggling to find the right things to day on the dating app.'How do you start a chill conversation without overthinking things?

Along with that, the characters are absolutely genius.

The hopeless romantic (Charlotte), the kinky nymphomaniac (Samantha), the workaholic (Miranda) and the one trying to make sense of it all (Carrie)–all four women embody a part of us.

Then, I purchased the first movie on DVD (but not the second movie because…let’s just forget that exists) and is pretty accurate when it comes to general topics that affect women.

We can identify with it because practically every issue pertaining to love is something we’ve dealt with.

In a dating space already over-saturated with "hey" and low-stakes "lol sup" messages, coming up with the right thing to say on dating apps can be hard. I gave him my number, but he ended up Face Timing me immediately... I'm someone who is always a little scared that guys are playing a prank on me.

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