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(Remember when roles were reversed when it came to fretting about sex drives?

Sex cam rooms seniors

Free of those stereotypes, seniors were able to swap tips about the best time to have sex, educate themselves about the still-real risks of sexually transmitted infections, and share the sort of stories that would make a college dorm blush.

And perhaps more importantly, these conservations mattered in the offline world too.

She defines sexual expression as anything from compliments to touch to sex.

"More facilities are becoming enlightened to the fact that this is something people are thinking about, and maybe they should find ways to help people become comfortable." Indeed, attraction, hugging, flirting, fondling and, yes, sexual relations know no expiration dates.

Far from the common perception of the elderly as rabid technophobes, the authors explain that this subset of the population has steadily begun to frequent forums tailor-made for them, crafting together their very own online communities.

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