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J., CONNOLLY, GERRARD, STEPHAN, Mc CORMACK, and MILLER–LERMAN, JJ., and INBODY, Chief Judge. The decoy responded that she would be swimming at a pool at her grandmother's apartment complex.

” To which the decoy responded, “14[, female,] omaha.” Kass then said that he was 25, a male, and in Omaha. Shortly after asking the decoy's age, Kass asked the decoy what she was going to do that day.

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Like alcohol for an alcoholic or cocaine for a drug abuser, sexual fantasies/behaviors, or compulsive relationships function as a drug for the sex and love addict.

This produces a powerful euphoria, which is often followed by guilt and despair and a repetition of the addictive cycle.

It is also an intimacy disorder that usually begins early in life and provides a way to cope with painful experiences in the absence of healthier skills.

Warning Signs: Evaluation An initial assessment and evaluation is conducted to determine if there is a sex addiction, the level of progression, other possible addictions, and mental health issues that may coexist.

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