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Once everyone got settled, they turned to the business of this candid Friday afternoon chat on the challenges and joys of juggling their careers and families, as well as what trends they see in YA, and tips on how to get published.) On Juggling Editing and Writing… I do know that WNDB has made me more aware as an editor of striving for a balance in authors and subject matter. Diana: I really love saying “yes” when it’s a writer’s first published piece! Diana: I think the worst kind of rejection letter to get—and to give—is for the piece that came close. And often I loved parts of what a writer submitted and would honestly love to see more work, and I do say so in those cases. When I crafted YARN’s “standard rejection,” I tried to acknowledge that as a writer, I totally understand how much it stinks to be getting that letter. If I think the piece needs more than two serious rounds of revision, I am very hesitant to take it on. She lives in Boston with her family and on the web at

Kerri: Maybe that is how we should begin: The Realities of Editing/Writing/Parenting. Diana: Yes, chronically ten minutes behind, that is me … ) Kip: I personally set aside times on my schedule for specific things. If I see I have a one- or two-hour block, I know I can get through some submissions or edit a story. I’m actually happy to see those stories because it is such an important issue that hits many teens. Now the pendulum in YA publishing is shifting to more contemporary or realistic stories, and I do see a lot of those coming in.

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To that end, I thought that freelancing would mean a little writing, then I would be free to hike, go to yoga, hit the gym and, basically, end up with a body like this: But, again, I'm working. Or, I'm doing what I did when I worked in an office: Wasting time on Facebook. Nearly everyone who finds out that I work from home askes me, "Don't you ever get lonely?

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