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Pravita Prasad of Kollam, 2 months into pregnancy, was asked by a doctor to take the tablets and change into 'lungi & banian' at the labor room.She grew suspicious and checked with a medical store about the medicines.The court had ordered an investigation on the allegations raised by an activist an year-and-half ago.

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More than the movie itself,it is famous for the romantic duet Immense respect for Bharthan and Padmarajan for making this movie when such a concept was not even talked freely in the society.

The movie is about a teenager Pappu and his fascinations about the next door girl Rathi who is older than him.

She comes back to the college and gets closer to Vinod.

The movie has a very beautiful song It is the story about Rahulan(Venu Nagavally) and the three women with whom he falls in love with during the three different stages of his life.

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