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'Being able to focus on something I can control is really helpful.

I can control how hard I work, how many miles I'm making; what's going on in my body.'Miss Gibbons said that she never imaged her philosophy on using exercise as a form of recovery could also apply to sexual assault victims, but the workout has provided her with clarity and peace of mind.

Jenkins of the University of Oregon's Museum of Natural and Cultural History, is diagnostic evidence of the Clovis culture such as the broad, concave-based, fluted Clovis projectile points.

The radiocarbon dating of the Western Stemmed projectiles to potentially pre-Clovis times, Jenkins said, provides new information in the decades-old debate that the two point-production technologies overlapped in time and may have developed separately.

He made off with $1,002, which was later recovered.

He staged a similar stick-up in Rhode Island in November, making off with $3,000 in cash, authorities said.

But it was when his parents had the internet installed in their house that what began as 'curiosity' turned into a full-blown addiction.'It was starting to take up large chunks of my time; I was lying to people about what I was doing in my spare time.

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