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TRIBAL JUSTICE NEWSNovember 13, 2012Contact Wyn Hornbuckle, Office of Public Affairs (202- 514-2007)SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS United States Attorney Announces Grants to Support Sexual Assault Response Initiative on the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation (U. "Together we can provide compassionate and innovative care to sexual assault survivors," said U. We must earn the trust of sexual assault survivors so he or she will feel safe when reporting crimes." Federal Assistance to Reduce Unacceptably High Incidence of Domestic Violence Against Native American Women (U. “This grant and the funding it brings will do much to help law enforcement and agencies serving the Saint Regis Mohawk Indian Reservation respond to, reduce, and ultimately prevent domestic violence against Native women,” said Mr. “In these times of reduced resources and dwindling funding programs, it is heartening that the Reservation will receive these funds to address a type of violent crime disproportionately harming Native women.” Among other things, the funding will be used to train local law enforcement and prosecutors to improve services and responses to domestic violence, pay for a sexual assault advocate, and provide emergency intervention funds, which help victims when they have to flee their homes because of the violence. Mikkanen from the Western District of Oklahoma received the 2012 “Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service in Indian Country.” “The dedicated work by AUSA Mikkanen has substantially improved the understanding of complicated jurisdictional issues and enhanced the relations between state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies,” said U.

Despite the alarming rates, sexual assault is still the most under reported crime. "I am hopeful that the grant dollars and the presence of a SART on the Rocky Boy's Reservation will provide another tool to improve intervention and appropriate care for sexual assault victims. The grant award coincides with national Domestic Violence Awareness month. Attorney Arvo Mikkanen Recognized for Exceptional Service in Indian Country by Attorney General Holder at Annual Awards Ceremony (U. This year, Assistant United States Attorney Arvo Q.

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