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She is already using You Tube like a pro, searching for Easter egg and Paw Patrol videos in bed, 6AM, while I try nod... Everyone who was a teen at that time remembers the feeling of dread when sneaking downstairs to use the family computer at night, and the dial up internet screeches...

And everyone would also remember the infamous acronym - ASL. The first Geocities website monstrosities we built to talk about, well, not quite sure anymore... Kids have access to internet in ways I could not have imagined as a child.

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Keeping my children safe online is something I have been thinking more and more as my daughter is growing up. She is growing up with technology I could not even properly imagine when I was a teen.

XChat is an IRC chat program for both Linux and Windows. XChat for Windows users are advised to upgrade to 2.8.7c due to a security issue.

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