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Veronica Kluyobor has declined to speak to Awake News and warns its reporter never to call her phone number again. A Sioux Falls man, who was found guilty of recording video of a sex act with a child at his girlfriend’s home, was sentenced to jail by United States District Judge Karen E. Terance Morice Highbull, 38, was sentenced to 25 years in custody, followed by 15 years of supervised release.

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Speaking to the audience at the launch, Bagiire said this kind of innovation is one of a kind in the country.

“As the Ministry of ICT we have been troubled with the idea of ‘build Uganda, buy Ugandan’ in terms of technology, but we have a few technological innovations by Ugandans.

This couples-oriented volume shares the accumulated wisdom of well known sex educators, therapists, and researchers, as well as real couples, working with The Sinclair Intimacy Institute, home of the bestselling Better Sex Video Series.

Assuring readers that "there's no such thing as a born lover," this book presents proven techniques for more enjoyable lovemaking, along with new erotic skills partners can learn together.

The 10 Secrets to Great Sex opens doors to topics that lovers may be hesitant or embarrassed to discuss with each other.

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