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In the throes of the post-coital afterglow, many men mistakenly advance to the patting themselves on the back stage, not realizing they've thrown the game in the final moments.Don't let the waves of oxytocin washing over you cloud your critical thinking. "The Hills" is currently enjoying its fourth straight week at Number One, a feat made even more impressive because it took the place of another Weeknd track, "Can't Feel My Face" — Spotify's official song of the summer, and the only song about cocaine ever to be lip-synced by Tom Cruise on network TV.

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Whereas we, the loners, an army that does violence only to itself, a small tribe, unavowable and hence unknowable in number, we understand instinctively that speaking out will allow the world to send us deeper into exile--and foster the kind of stupid nonsense people say about whatever they cannot comprehend.

They turn us into scapegoats who reassure all others on this point: however problematic their carnal pleasures might be, we offer proof, through our most definite exclusion, that their circumstances are still better than nothing.

In your time you’ve probably heard numerous celebs tell tales of crazy fan antics, but this one probably tops the lot.

During his chat on the Graham Norton Show, the singer was asked ‘what’s the maddest thing a fan has given you?

(Opens the door and slightly strikes the Gasman) Right, that's enough of that!

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