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After spending a year in Scotland and then a year in Italy, I dare to compare these 2 nations.

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It seems the Gal Gadot effect is already in full swing.

But while actress-models Gadot and Bar Refaeli may be catching the eyes and ears of American men, it’s clear Israel still has some work to do among the women.

The singletons in search of their soulmate then spend 30 minutes together facing a supersized screen which will pose probing questions such as 'have you ever had your heart broken? 'Ruby, who has never had a serious relationship, said she thought the format would be a good way to get to know someone as she admits: 'I don't like talking to someone much on a first date.

I prefer observing.' Producers Fizz (part of RDF Television) say the show is a innovative 'social experiment' and by asking the daters to strip off and share a bed in their underwear they are 'accelerating intimacy and exploring the accepted rules of attraction'. Singleton strangers that undress each other on a first date.

EVERY italien man I know either plays soccer, football, or trains. Once an Italian man gets married, he is loyal literally until "death do us part". It means "I want butter" but it sounds like you're reciting a poem about love.

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