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But if you have looked after yourself, you are probably getting weighedup as you bend over at the allotment. A new survey has found that, a generation ago, women wouldn’t look twice at a man over 45, at least not due to his physical appearance, but now the critical age when men become romantically invisible has been pushed back to 55 – all thanks to better clothes, fitness and grooming.

You might have been expecting to give up the dating game altogether by 45 and spend more time in the potting shed.

The news that a man’s surface appeal can last so long is a jolt to single men over 40 like me.

Many of us have been relying excessively on what we imagine to be our winsome personalities.

Both at the Good Men Project and at my own blog, my most popular posts in terms of page-views are invariably those that focus on one particularly controversial subject: older men and younger women.

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