Strip chat without registration - Simon cowell and cheryl cole dating

Sure, it's actually a promo shot of her that he probably grabbed from Google, but hey.

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And, as everyone has been quick to point out, the groom in question (Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini) makes that Mormon ballroom dancer Cheryl used to ‘date’ look like The Rock in comparison.

But even despite all of that, marriage still seems like a rather drastic step to take for a front page, doesn’t it?

This theory involves a rumour that we’ve been hearing on and off for a few years now – one we initially dismissed on account of it sounding utterly ridiculous. In early 2003, Cheryl Tweedy threw the future of Girls Aloud into turmoil.

In recent months though, this same rumour has been coming around again and again. That Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh have been in a secret lesbian relationship for the last ten years and that almost everything Cheryl has done in the past decade has been specifically planned to cover that up. The newly-formed band had just scored a Christmas No.1, reviews of were universally favourable and pop fans and critics alike were all genuinely excited to hear their debut album.

Even the most ardent Cheryl Cole fan had to admit that there was something a little fishy about her recent nuptials, but that’s the trouble when your entire life becomes one long media narrative. And when they don’t trust you, you start to invite some of the strangest speculation… Certain cynical elements of the press thought this wedding was nothing more than a promotional gimmick.

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