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Before Lucy came Ardi, new earliest hominid found Associated Press, October 1, 2009 — “Ardi,” a 110-pound, 4-foot female hominid who lived 4.4 million years ago in what is now Ethiopia roamed forests a million years before the famous Lucy, long studied as the earliest skeleton of a human ancestor.

Prehistoric man ‘used crude sat nav’ Telegraph, September 15, 2009 — Prehistoric man navigated his way across England using a crude version of sat nav based on stone circle markers, historians have claimed.

Since 2004, we have been building the most outstanding Christian curriculum on the planet. Our Biblical perspective shines through every lesson.

Our Christian curriculum cannot be found anywhere else. It not simply instructions for working in textbooks. Our plentiful sprinkling of scripture throughout the curriculum helps grow your children in the Lord.

Watch an introductory video overview of evolution with guide Donald Johanson, read paleoanthropology news and book reviews, and visit the learning center for educational activities and lessons.

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