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Approximately 1/3" thinner than previous generation Treos. TFT touch screen display of 16k colors with a 320 × 320 pixel resolution, Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, preloaded with Microsoft Office Mobile Professional 6.1, 2.0 MP camera/camcorder, 256 MB user memory/128 MB program memory (expandable via micro SD slot up to a supported memory of 8 GB ), stereo Bluetooth 2.0 EDR compliant, one touch Wi-Fi access, integrated GPS.CDMA 800/1900 MHz dual-band digital voice network access, EV-DO Rev A (backwards compatible with EV-DO Rev 0 and 1XRTT).

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Remember dont just enter mobile9in you address space.

plz run the application first, then open it within the application) any1 avin a similar problm?

Palm Desktop is the central interface for data exchange between PC and Palm.

This latest edition for Palm brings the first Vista-compatible version of the standard software.

From the photos above, you can see the following: newer firmware than the Sprint version (1.11.30F) and we're told it features CE OS 5.2.20765 (Build 20765.1.4.4). Plus, there's that whole '...through my conversations with folks at VZW, it was made clear to me that this unit would not ever be officially released. Also keep in mind that chef's over at XDA Developers started cooking ROMs for the Treo Pro.

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