Spatial updating consolidating credit counseling

- Visualisation and communication of wayfinding instructions integrated into everyday tasks and contexts.

Extended Description and Scope Personal GPS-based navigation devices have firmly substituted the ‘pre-computing’ use of paper maps, public signage, and occasional advice from local residents.

Another line of my research is investigating what coordinate system people use to represent the spatial relations between objects in the environment, and how this coordinate system flexibily change based on the features of the environment and the goal of the spatial task.

Because of my research interest, I'm also interested in finding workarounds to reduce motion sickness in VR.

Humans and many animals do not look at a scene in fixed steadiness; instead, the eyes move around, locating interesting parts of the scene and building up a mental, three-dimensional 'map' corresponding to the scene (as opposed to the graphical map of avians, that often relies upon detection of angular movement on the retina).

When scanning immediate surroundings or reading, human eyes make jerky saccadic movements and stop several times, moving very quickly between each stop.

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