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" #47 on their list is "Get into the Guinness Book of World Records." 343 USF students joined them in their attempt Wednesday, but 55 dropped out during the 2 and a 1/2 hour event.

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Given the mixture of my quiet nature and my mental health largely dictating my life, there is a very fine line of things that I am comfortable talking about in these types of situations.

But even then, these short bursts of interactions feel a lot less like conversations and a lot more like a speed dating scenario.

Instead, the kids club is aiming to play matchmaker for nannies and the families who need them.

Jessica Wolf, the company’s director of business development and marketing, explained that for some time now, she’s been a member of numerous Facebook groups for parents as well as some for nannies.

Mindy Kittay, Director at Altadena Library District, commented to We are excited to offer this fun event as part of our adult summer reading program. The Altadena Library District is cautioning that due to space limitations and their goal to keep the event balanced for all participants, they may not be able to accept all registrants.

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