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Suppose, for example, that a hacker submits a login with the username .(Notice the single apostrophe.) If the website returns a database error when that username is submitted, then the hacker has just learned a piece of valuable information.You don't want to bill your commercial customers when they place orders for warranty replacement parts, so you need realtime answers from your Oracle database.

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In modern web development, these databases are often used on the back end of web applications and content management systems - meaning that both the content and behavior of many websites is built on data in a database server. Legacy relational databases offer structure and familiar programming models, while No SQL databases are known to deliver speed.

A successful attack on the database that drives a website or web application can potentially give a hacker a broad range of powers, from modifying web site content ("defacing") to capturing sensitive information such as account credentials or internal business data. But saying businesses must choose scalability and speed over structure and familiarity is a false choice — that was the cry from the New SQL camp.

To understand this tutorial properly, You should have handy knowledge on c# and have visual studio 2008 (.

NET Framework 3.0 ) to successfully able to run LINQ To SQL examples.

Here in this tutorial, I will show step by step ways to get started with LINQ To SQL programming with C#.

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