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Read more about 1 day ago The Kansas City Royals beat the St.

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Thanks again for bringing us along on your journey. Best regards, Luc Keith’s Note: I’m not a vintage plane expert, particularly regarding the collecting of rarer planes. You have done a great job explaining how to tune up your planes. There may be a painted or “japanned” finish on some topside parts and mechanisms, which helped prevent rust.

But as a tool user, I can say that if you stick with the pre-war (WWII) Bailey and Stanley planes, you can’t go too far wrong. I have found two rusty planes, I believe there Bailey planes. On the metal parts that were painted, they were often “japanned.” You can leave these as-is, or you can touch-up or restore.

about 1 day ago The kitten that ran on the field during the Kansas City Royals’ loss to the St.

Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium on Wednesday night was picked up by a fan, who then lost the animal.

I bought all three on Ebay and after paying in US dollars, including shipping; the cost was on average $50 Canadian per plane.

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