Starbucks policy on employee dating

One of former Starbucks employee Sarah Gillane’s customers even sent her a cheque to pay for her removals van when he found out she was moving house. Starbucks sets rules on where exactly we should hold the cup when we hand it to you, and how the shot glasses should stand on the espresso machine drip tray, according to ex-barista Sarah Gillane. Wealthiest Starbucks locations bring the worst customers Even impatient commuters are nicer to handle than spoilt brats. When you order a coffee with one and a HALF packets of Splenda, or demand a certain temperature, yes, we think you’re ridiculous, reveals amateur barista Michelle Licerio 10.

The best of us can serve three customers a minute, says Gillane 11.

We chatted and found out we had a lot of the same friends and much in common.

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If you are among the millions of people who love coffee drinks, teas, and other beverages, imagine the recommendations you’ll be given, the free samples you’ll receive, and the concoctions you’ll be treated to right in your own kitchen. Baristas are upbeat and friendly people, ready with a smile and warm greeting. A barista must have exceptional listening skills—not only to get orders right, but also because of the many customers looking for an empathic person to hear them talk. Along with listening skills, a barista must be a skilled conversationalist, able to make small talk and dialogue with people all day. Baristas are hard-working and industrious…or else they wouldn’t be a barista for very long. Baristas know how to multi-task, often doing many things at the same time—taking orders, making coffee drinks, using the drive-thru headset, mopping up spills, and stocking the pastry case. These individuals are service-oriented, helpful, and eager to please—qualities that would enrich a dating relationship.

Last Monday, 21-year-old barista Coulson Loptmann says he was fired from a downtown Seattle Starbucks where he’d worked for more than a year. So I’m sorry, but I have to terminate you.” She fired him on the spot.

We've compiled a list of the most shocking ways some Starbucks employees have been let go.

Have your own story about being fired from Starbucks or any other giant chain?

For the company's part, Starbucks spokesman Zack Hutson says that while they can’t comment on individual employees for privacy reasons, he can confirm that “it is a violation of our policy to consume marked-out products." But he says it’s not considered stealing—it’s for the employees’ own good.

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