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What I also found appealing about Bonacci’s read was that, from time to time, she used humour to convey her message and I am fairly certain that there isn’t a Catholic teenager out there who doesn’t find humour appealing!

You can find an example of her witticisms at the beginning of the book when she says there are two types of love: ‘real love’ and ‘pizza love.’ ‘Real love’ is respecting the partner and honouring chastity, whereas ‘pizza love’ is a completely different sort of love: just like pizza, you love it as an object but once its use has disappeared – that is to say, once it has been eaten – the remains are cast away.

With a little luck and perseverance, everyone can find love. So take the first step toward experiencing an emotionally and physically satisfying gay life: grab or download a copy of Oogachaga’s very own dating survival guide, now!

Imagine being a Catholic teenager, boy or girl, and you are about to enter into a relationship.

It is a humorous way of expressing the very real and serious difference between loving and objectifying someone – the point is clear.

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