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His discovery can help researchers understand the purpose behind the mystery codes.“It’s like solving a riddle,” says Nordby.“After a while I started to see a pattern in what appeared to be meaningless combinations of runes,” he says.Ancient codes prompt associations with treasure hunts and conspiracies as depicted in The Da Vinci Code.

The Björketorp stone bears the following inscription: I, master of the runes(? Incessantly (plagued by) maleficence, (doomed to) insidious death (is) he who breaks this (monument). A local legend relates that the curse was once tested and proved.

A very long time ago, a man wanted to remove the stone so as to get more land to cultivate.

If you had learned to read and write, you had also learned codes,” says Nordby.

The use of the code as a tool in learning is not as odd as it might seem.

He piled wood around it in order to heat it up and then crack it with water. He had just lit the fire when a sudden gust of wind turned the direction of the flame setting the man’s hair on fire.

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