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Their ages ranged from 17-19, but their music sounded like well-groomed R&B stalwarts.

Aesthetically, their style was groundbreaking due to the “bad boy” machismo and bravado they personified on record and stage.

Dalvin, got off to a bad start as they were reportedly late for their slot and then heaped further misery on themselves when one member took a fall off the stage.

All of the group have been reported to have battled drink and drug addiction in the past with brother K-Ci & Jo Jo starring in their own reality show called K-Ci & Jo Jo Come Clean where they battled their substance addictions together.

I still feel that way, even though Jodeci is kind of scary looking nowadays.

“Love U 4 Life” is just the ultimate eternal love kind of tune.

When I heard she’d be playing Left Eye, I did wonder if no one else auditioned and my side-eye was activated. So yes, we underestimated her and I’m glad she came and told us to tuck in our shaderation. Well, I wasn’t wishing bad things on her before (because I’m not a cartoon villain) but now I’m actively hoping she gets more roles.

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