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Sacagawea is an important part of the Lewis and Clark legend in the American public imagination.

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The visitor center for the monument is located in the nearby small town of Hagerman, on the east side of the river, along US 30, which meets I-80 eight miles north and also passes close to the various units of Thousand Springs State Park.

Most of the Snake River in this part of Idaho flows over volcanic rock, but near Hagerman the surrounding cliffs are sedimentary, dating from the late Pliocene period, and have proved very rich in both plant and animal fossils (especially a zebra-like creature known as the Hagerman horse), but, as is usually the case for such locations, there are no fossils to be seen in situ, only in the museum at the visitor center.

He declined to address the latest specific allegations.

The lawsuits claim the Boy Scouts of America was aware since the 1960s that "scouting posed a danger to adolescent boys because historically noticeable numbers of adult volunteers ...

The group cites new safeguards instituted during the past decade, including tighter screening of adult volunteers, although computerized criminal background checks only became mandatory for new volunteers in 2003 and for existing volunteers in 2008.

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