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After collecting your bags and exiting customs, as an introduction to Cuba, travel together to the sea-flanked peninsula of Varadero.

Check into your hotel and enjoy some time to relax. To celebrate your first night in Cuba, you'll meet with local dancers at the hotel poolside for an interactive salsa lesson.

Varadero-Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, depending on departure date.

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There are just two countries on planet earth where bounty hunting is still legal; the United States and the Philippines.

The most famous bounty hunter of our times is Dog the Bounty Hunter.

With the rain comes a delightful site at this Kohala home.

“A common occurrence is that it will be raining on the west side of the house while the sun is bright and shining on the east side,” says homeowner Jeanne Sunderland.

Considering that most bail bondsmen do not want to have to do this, they will hire a bounty hunter.

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