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The film bears a highly controversial message: these economic-emotion exchange marriages work out to everyone's heart content. Besides these people are lying low already: we are dealing with lonely men and poor women, why kick them when they're down? Who's to judge if it's good or bad, this lst world connection with the 3rd world?

In a week when the Thai economy was voted the 'happiest world economy' to live in, Bernd Jaspersen says that he has 'absolutely no regrets' having already spent 6 months living in Thailand.

The Danish man and his Thai wife, Nan, took a short holiday from Denmark to Thailand early in 2014 after spending five years struggling to make ends meet following the financial crisis in Europe.

We were sitting there looking at all these terribly unhappy people like ourselves also after we had lived for four glorious weeks in Thailand among carefree and happy people, we could both feel it, it was like a sensation, we wanted to cry, it was emotional,' he says.

But Bernt's disillusionment with Denmark wasn't born there.

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