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Christopher Lambesis, a combat veteran with two Bronze Stars, says the Arizona National Guard's case against him is a sham.

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The Arizona National Guard is trying to boot out one of its top officers, Col. But the colonel, a combat veteran with two Bronze Stars, contends the case against him is a sham trumped up because he complained about improper promotions, unethical leadership and inaccurate data that could endanger troops scheduled for deployment."Citizen soldiers of this great state are at risk of being unnecessarily hurt," Lambesis said. Lambesis, nicknamed "the Big Nasty," spent most of his 24-year career as an infantry specialist in the active Army, completing four deployments.

Christopher Lambesis, based on charges that he is a toxic leader who committed insubordination and communicated threats to the state's military commander, Maj. At age 49, he is an imposing figure with a shaved head and starched uniform — an officer who greets people with direct eye contact and a firm grip.

The ban is based on false premises about the insecurity of the refugee system. The lives of thousands of young Central Americans are in danger after the suspension of the Central American Minors (CAM) program, which allows children to apply for refugee protection in their home country and ensure that unaccompanied children aren’t put in more danger by fleeing alone to the U. The harassment and exploitation refugee women and girls face on their journey to safety is made worse by the fact that they have nowhere to turn for help, protection, or justice. Instead of deterring people from making a dangerous journey, the administration is placing them in greater jeopardy.

Refugees don’t get to choose where they are resettled. Although the second executive order removes Iraq from the list of banned countries, Iraqis who have applied for refugee status will be barred because they fall under the 120-day suspension of refugees. Expedited removal – a form of summary deportation – could be used anywhere throughout the country for up to two years after an unauthorized immigrant arrives.

Refugees who have waited years and gone through the vetting process will have their background checks expire, forcing them to redo the entire process, prolonging their time spent in danger and separated from their families. government does not know who a refugee is, they are not admitted. If and when the refugee admissions program resumes, the executive order slashes the number of refugee admissions for fiscal year 2017 from 110,000 to 50,000. The cost in human lives is stark: 47,000 acutely vulnerable refugees will be stranded. is the largest re-settler of refugees in the world. There are only 28 re-settler countries in the world. Cartels and gangs prey upon immigrants waiting to enter the U.

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