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It’ll also right some injustices, maybe: The genius of parodying viral media is that you still benefit from its virality. If The Onion is a parody of traditional media, Clickhole is a parody of new media.

A clicky headline will still get clicks, even if it’s meant in jest, just as a shocking Onion story will be read and shared by those For some context behind the site’s eminently clickable vision, I spoke to Editor-in-Chief Jermaine Affonso, as well as Onion managing editor Ben Berkley, who’s concurrently serving as managing editor of Clickhole. The way that we generally work is making sure that as a creative entity we are satirizing what is out there and what’s, you know, just ripe for parody at the time. Clickbaiting viral content is ever present in everyone’s online lives. It hasn’t really been dissected on such a large scale yet.

(The company did not return calls for comment.) That’s probably for the best, because people from one property, Big for Christian singles for example, may not get along with those from another, say,, “the world’s largest BDSM community.” Many established online dating operators eschew the practice altogether, but it’s fairly common, particularly in the U. Today, four companies control 77% of the $1.22 billion online dating market, according to research from IBISWorld.

finally taking on the scourge of viral media with a new site called Clickhole. I was a senior writer at The Onion before I moved over to Clickhole.

It was just born of it being the right time to tackle this medium. The Onion is still parodying how traditional media is dealing with this stuff.

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