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She never suspected that strangers would show her the ropes when it came to love, commitment, and happily-ish ever after.

Yet after chatting with hundreds of couples and more than a few sexperts, she’s written the book on romance—literally. D.s and a law degree so obviously I’m going to marry somebody whose pedigree stands up to that." Or, "I’m of Indian descent, and I have to marry someone else who’s Indian." Or, "I can’t date somebody who’s not into NASCAR." We end up not looking at people as people but as packages. Ending up with somebody who is X inches taller than you isn’t going to make a marriage work. If you’re so busy fulfilling other people’s expectations of who you should be with, then you might miss out.

For example, a lot of advice is given under the presumption that everybody wants to get married and have kids.

If you're looking to be polyamorous, unmarried, and childfree, that supposed wisdom will be useless to you.

I asked experts what they think of the advice we can't stand, and as usual, the answer is more nuanced than "it's good" or "it's bad."The great — and annoying — thing about dating advice is that pretty much everybody feels qualified to give it out.

Most people have, after all, had some sort of dating experience at some point.

That's why we need to empower everyone to take advice that helps them and ignore advice that doesn't.

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