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[] Anyway, so many young adults are touched by the idea of shows like Bones and CSI, that they are going into the study of Forensics for their degree in college, all based on the television they’ve grown up watching the last many years.Look Mom and Dad, TV watching is making your kids Doctors after all!

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Hodgins gets such glee from what he finds in teeny tiny particulates. (laughs) I love that you describe it as “glee” because that is exactly what it is for Jack. What I love about Jack’s excitement over his particulates is that it shows the excitement young scientists have for the world of Forensics.

It’s a very cool, accidental, gratifying opportunity.

I think the people who probably have it the best are the people on cable like on Entourage, the Sopranos, etc.

who have 13 episodes per season and breaks to do films and theatre. What’s life like on the set for the 3rd season, how’s it developed? Even between breaks I’d see [the cast] as much as possible—there’s real friendship there.

has been one of the strongest female characters in recent history.

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