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Those who fail to attend at least one meetup in any six month period will be dropped from the group. We are a diverse group, offering social activities and in person peer to peer support to members of the Atlanta transgender community.

Our meet ups are specifically for our members to meet others in the transgender community, and to socialize with other group members in order to provide a sense of comfort in expressing your inner self in the 'real' world.

By any other name: Amiyah refers to herself by a number of different monikers on her Instagram account, which include: 'the unicorn with an invisible horn,' model, make-up guru, and a weaveologist, as well as mermaid, transformer and beauty consultant Amiyah also reveals she wants to use every talent she has and says in the profile: 'When I stand before God, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say: "I used everything you gave me."'In an interview with the website she spoke out about the pressure on her when in a relationship as a transgender woman, and how it is difficult to have a 'normal' romance: 'I realized that I’ll never be able to be “normal”. 'Thank you so much to everyone that has watched and supported me over the years on this amazing platform! 'With lots of thoughts and prayer I've decided to step out on faith and not fear.'She has launched an impressive career for herself off the back of the reality show, appearing on Broadway, guest starring in dozens of TV shows, creating her own production company and even starting a fashion line.

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" for so called 'admirers' to search for potential transgender contacts.

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