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I know, because I live with one…when he's home for two weekends out of the month, that is.

While regional truckers do stay closer to home, to make the big bucks, most truck drivers go "over the road" -- which means that they'll drive across state lines for weeks at a time.

So that space in front of a truck is not meant for a car to cut in…

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This is not the kind of job where you'll be home for dinner every night.

You stay out, driving shipments back and forth, for weeks at a time, and then you get a couple days off back home. There's a huge shortage of truck drivers, so getting hired is basically as easy as getting your commercial driver's license.

Later, I convinced my boyfriend to get his commercial driver's license and join me in the truck, and we started to team truck drive.

Dating a truck driver is like engaging in a long distance relationship for the most part.

For series of interviews with American workers, I spoke with Thad and Dianna Fellows about what it’s like driving cross-country together for work, and some of the challenges of spending so much time on the road.

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