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Looking for companionship through online dating sites, Yuichi meets Yoshino Ishibashi (Hikari Mitsushima) a young insurance saleswoman from Fukuoka.But it is clear that Yoshino has no respect for Yuichi.Returning to the aftermath-of-a-crime ensemble terrain of his well-received 2010 “Villain,” which was also adapted from a novel by Shuichi Yoshida, Sang-il Lee’s “Rage” is an astute mixture of multi-strand drama and murder mystery that engrosses for two solid hours.

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During a fateful evening when Yoshino has just met Yuichi for one of their regular trysts (and also to collect money from him), she by chance runs into Masuo, and unceremoniously dumps Yuichi (who has driven hours from Nagasaki to see her) with hardly a word spoken.

But, in his turn, Masuo has no respect for Yoshino, whom he feels is beneath him.

So let us go down the memory lane and meet the females.

When AV actress Aya commited suicide in October 2010, reports began piling out from the tabloids about Aya's confession with sleeping with Arashi (excluded Sho) and other JE boys, including photos she took with them years ago.

The fight sequences have a deliberately ritualised quality.

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