Types of dating

But, researchers say, for qualities that vary greatly depending on where you live (like education or religion) similarity emerges because educated or religious people tend to meet each other, not because educated or religious people actively select each other. Yes,” says the study’s primary author, Paul Eastwick, associate professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis.

“But sometimes it reflects your personal desirability and sometimes it reflects where you live.” , comprises three slightly different studies.

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It looks at the characteristics of people in more than 1,000 past and present heterosexual relationships.

Participants provided the information voluntarily through social media sites and live interviews in recent years, culminating in 2014.

As a perpetual singleton - but happily so - and having already transformed my online dating app profile with professional pictures, I was keen to see what light Madeleine could shed on why I’ve never quite managed to settle into a serious relationship.

Sure, I have my theories - as I know my mother does too - but what would an outsider and expert make of it all?

Rather, he moves from one online-created connection to the next, or back and forth between many, and barely if ever have to leave the house.

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