Updating avast

You will need to complete the Registration Form to receive your free Key (via email) to use avast! The form asks your name, email, and country (all compulsory). If you exit without entering one, it will ask again on next launch. Shm Max is the maximum amount of shared memory any given process can have, and while it's probably not big enough for pretty much everything, single big temporary downloads (like those for applying big updates) means avast!

My one-step updates for Charles Schwab accounts will no longer connect through two Windows 7 PCs, getting the ol-297-a thing. Charles Schwab says their networks are fine, and I can log on to Schwab directly as I normally do.

I grabbed a netbook PC from our weekend place and brought it home.

As I have not used it for a couple of weeks, it wanted to update the free Avast anti-virus software.

I did not allow it to do so, but the other 2 PCs were updated a few days ago.

To manually invoke the latest VPS update, please follow the instructions given below: 1.

Last modified 27-Oct-2019 18:46