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Even in the simplest case of updating just one server, we can immediately discredit some of the common approaches, namely SVN checkout, Git pull, and FTP/SFTP upload.

A more potent instrument is needed to satisfy these requirements.

In this article we will cover automated deployment of a Ruby on Rails application to a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

We will install a Ubuntu Linux Server (14.04 LTS) and prepare our project for automated deployment with Capistrano 3.

It provides core functions to help you to: Let’s now walk through an example of setting up a production server and deploy a Ruby on Rails app with Capistrano: After creating an account, first we should create our SSH credentials to authenticate with the production server.

If you don’t have a pair of ssh keys you can create them following this instructions.

I’d grown tired of using a variety of ad hoc utilities ranging from rsync to Capistrano to manually running Git commands on the server.

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