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For some reason, the windows device manager does not display the category PORTS (COM and LPT) at all. Also, a I installed the Serial USB driver OK yesterday on my Win7 64 system, I have UAC set to its minimal level.I contacted Dell, but their support could not resolve it. Could this be your problem for installing unsigned drivers? I get a popup message that the driver was installed successfully..on another screen I see an error occured because the driver could not be located!These cables use unsigned device drivers and must be installed manually.

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Still no success after reinstallation of the m BED_Serial_16466 driver. It could also be Microsoft's WHQL (driver signing..) is not letting you install the driver..

It is not able to create the USB COMM port on my PC, which is a new Dell Studio XPS 8100 running an Intel i5 processor and Windows 7 64 bit. Although, I can't recall if the WHQL had a problem with the mbed when I was installing it.

That is, plug and remove the device and note the changes among the list of devices for .

The entry which is appeared and then removed subsequently is the entry for the issued device.

I don't suppose the Windows Event Logs show any errors from your failed install? I look in the Windows event log and find this: Log Name: System Source: Application Popup Date: 10/20/2010 AMEvent ID: 56Task Category: None Level: Error Description: Driver USB returned invalid ID for a child device (101000000000000000000002F7F049E2).

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