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This side-by-side look at photos should help when you're trying to make multiple files look visually consistent.

Adobe released small updates to Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile today with bug fixes and new camera support.

The workaround is exactly what you proposed - using the free converter to DNG. If you get a new camera, you may also need to upgrade your Adobe software unless you want to change your workflow(use the free converter, stop shooting RAW, or use different software that does support your new camera).

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(You don’t have to open to .0 version between steps 1 and 2, so you’ll skip any bugs that were found in that original release.)If you run into problems installing the update, the installation may be damaged.

This can be fixed using the CC Cleaner app, but it’s worth backing up first to be on the safe side.

It's only Lightroom, of the same age, that seems to be stuck in the past.

No - You cannot upgrade only the camera raw portion of LR separately from the software as a whole.

Useful if you've uploaded photos via the web uploader or from other computers, and for downloading your client's Event Favorites.

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